Interchange is a rare moment in life where agitation and tension become not just palatable, but collectively desired. It was beyond rewarding to be surrounded by passionate minds with disparate ideas in a setting that was built for vulnerability and growth.

-Kiah Abbey

An interchange is a place on a highway where you leave the road you are on, to take a different direction. It’s where traffic all comes together and decides which way they want to go. It turns and twists and goes over and under. I think that is what we do at Interchange, except instead of traffic it’s ideas and passions and beliefs and expectations and stereotypes and fears. It’s our life’s “highway.” It’s where people that may never “pass” each other in everyday life, come together and share our journeys. It is a safe place to explore where we are going, how we will get there and the different routes that we can choose to take.

-Debbie Schenk

Interchange News

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    • The Year at Interchange: The Summit
    • Interchange is for problem solving. It’s delving into the gray area and learning to understand different points of view. In …

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    • Your Right To Party CONCERT :: SAT 6/28
    • The Interchange Festival has done it again with another lineup of world-class musicians ready to get the ground shaking at …

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