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2019 Innovate Montana Future of Work Event – Opening Presentation by SpecialFX and Keegan Bowen

Published November 25, 2019 | Posted in Video

The mesmerizing presentation that opened the 2019 Innovate Montana Future of Work event – developed in partnership with the Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development – offered an eerie amalgamation of man, music, movement and machine. Violinist Keegan Bowen accompanied dancer Quentin Robinson’s (aka SpecialFX) original choreography in a haunting six minutes, a year in the making. Realizing the vision of friends and fellow innovators Rob Irizarry and Tate Chamberlin, the performance featured a custom designed LED suit by Chris Miller that contained 334 RGB LEDs (1002 individual lights), accelerometer sensors to trigger effects, and a flex finger sensor to control brightness. The production was one of many concerted efforts toward developing multifaceted media experiences to assist I Am Interchange’s explorations of the complex and controversial.

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