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Fostering curiosity, education and empathy by exploring the controversial and the provocative.

Art Show Fundraiser

Published February 2, 2020 | Posted in Fundraising, News

I’m passionate about movement: movement of self, space, thought, place. Since my past iteration as a music and event producer, my sense of success has always been measured in movement. Did the band, the event, the festival, or the statement move someone? Move everyone?

The years have continued to solidify movement as my mission. Through I Am Interchange, I create movement with media, journalism, and dialogue; fostering curiosity, education, and empathy by exploring the controversial and the provocative. During these discourses, opinions shift. Convictions become more or less distinct. Change happens. And the room moves.

As a journalist, movement is the key: to travel, to experience, to document, and to share. These efforts realize I Am Interchange’s mission to share varied and diverse perspectives in explorations of polarities around complex issues facing our world.

In this series of photographs, I showcase my recent explorations in South Africa and Namibia, worlds both foreign and familiar. I fell in instant love with the stark landscape of the Sossusvlei, a 1,000-year-old dried up lagoon in Namibia. It is both breathtakingly alien and strangely kindred to rural Montana’s endless winter terrain: the life and death – birth and extinction – seamlessly married.

If these images move you as well, please consider purchasing a print. All image proceeds will support I Am Interchange and its important work in this community and beyond.

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