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Queer Culture – Oppressive Or Progressive?

Penned By Jennifer Sheets

From an early age children are taught about the Women’s Suffrage and the Civil Rights Movement, how all citizens must fight for equal rights. Most recently, the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) and its …

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Homelessness In Our Communities.

Homelessness In Our Communities

By Jenny Sheets

An on-line search for “number of homeless people in the United States” will not yield an easy answer because the topic of homelessness is far from an easy issue. Estimated numbers of those …

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I Am Interchange: Know The Signs of Human Trafficking. By Jennifer Sheets.

Humans have been bought, sold, captured, kidnapped, and exploited as slaves for centuries. Men and women, young and old snatched and coerced for labor, prostitution, slavery and sexual exploitation. To many Americans human trafficking seems like an issue that happens …

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This Year at Interchange: Xchange

XChange is a format for storytelling—a place where people can share their stories of finding purpose. Panelists and audience members really dig in and have honest dialogues about topics such as body cameras on officers, Sex Education, LGBTQ & Religious …

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The Year at Interchange: The Summit

Interchange is for problem solving. It’s delving into the gray area and learning to understand different points of view. In 2015, 50 artists, activists and entrepreneurs gathered to get down and dirty with issues such as racism, human trafficking, throwaway …

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This Year at Interchange: The Remix Runway Show

The Remix Runway Show is a contemporary style event featuring variety show entertainment. Performances include music, dance, fashion, drag, slam poetry and even a wedding. In a festival type setting, the party features local food, art and libations.

“Tate and

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Women And Gender Inequality.

By Jennifer Sheets

Imagine living each day being told aren’t smart enough, aren’t attractive enough, won’t live up to people’s expectations, and just plain aren’t good enough. Television ads tell you how to dress and how to act. Friends and …

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Experiential Remix At Tedx Bozeman.

Interchange founder and remix entrepreneur Tate Chamberlin contributed to Tedx Bozeman with the story of the inception of Interchange and his experience with social trauma. Give it a watch and share the love before this summer gets lit by the …

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Interchange Drag Show June 28th With Electra Sexton Missy O’malley and Jespy

The Interchange Drag Show featuring the charming and crackling energy of Electra Sexton and her Summer Meltdown 2013 is set to take stage this Friday, June 28th at the MSU Student Union Ballrooms. MCing the night’s fabulosity will be the …

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Indian Relay Documentary :: WED 6/25

Echoing images from stories of primitive America, Indian Relay follows Native American horse racers as they compete in one of the most challenging and exciting races in the world. Riding bareback at 40 miles per hour, jumping from one horse …

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