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Podcast: Episode 18 – Erin Schattauer – Domestic Violence Activist

Joining us in this episode is the very multi talented Erin Schattauer out of Montana. We’ll be discussing machismo, using Erin’s experience as a domestic violence survivor to shed insight on how we can shatter gender stereotypes. Promoting emotionally aware …

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Podcast: Episode 17 – Is It Cultural Exchange OR Appropriation? – Dialogue & Debate

Broadly speaking, the term cultural appropriation focuses on instances where elements from a minority culture are adopted by a dominant cultural and re-used outside of their traditional, historical, and native cultural contexts. In this episode of the I Am Interchange …

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Podcast: Episode 16 – Jordan Fuller – Performance Artist & Activist

Tate Chamberlin sat down with Jordan Fuller, a performance artist based out of Bozeman. From shedding the confines of his past, to retracing his roots, we’ll be exploring Jordan’s performance art as a vehicle to promote positivity. Stick around to …

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Podcast: Episode 15 – Rob Irizarry – Disruptive Technologist / Artificial Intelligence

Rob Irizarry was part of our live “Coal Town” Dialogue and Debate representing technology and artificial intelligence. In this episode, we’ll recap our live event, AI, universal basic income and other shenanigans.

He spent four decades working with hardware and …

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Podcast: Episode 14 – Is Water A Human Right? – Dialogue & Debate

I Am Interchange and Mountain Time Arts are pleased to present, Is Water A Human Right? A community dialogue & debate fusing artists, activists and entrepreneurs with different ideas and perspectives coming together to address multiple topics and provoke thoughtful …

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Podcast: Episode 13 – Meg Singer- ACLU of Montana

Meg Singer is the Indigenous Justice Outreach Coordinator for the ACLU of Montana. Meg is a native of Salt Lake City, UT, and a member of the Navajo Nation. After graduating from Westminster College with a Bachelor of Arts degree …

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Podcast: Episode 12 – Lori Shaw- Colstrip United

We caught up with Lori Shaw who is the co-founder of Colstrip United.

A pro-coal grassroots movement dedicated to educating the public about the importance coal and coal energy. She is also running for City Council. Check it out!


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Podcast: Episode 11 – EJ Engler- Is Water A Human Right?

EJ is featured in this premier podcast of the I Am Interchange ‘Morning Show’ podcast. As a panelist in the upcoming Interchange symposium, ‘Is Water a Human Right,’ EJ offers a preview of his views of what a ‘Right’ is.…

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Podcast: Episode 10 – Human Migration and Displacement

Welcome to I Am Interchange, fusing artists, activists & entrepreneurs with different ideas and perspectives coming together and address multiple topics and provoke thoughtful dialogue.

Today’s topic:


Our world hit a milestone in 2016—not one with …

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Podcast: Episode 9 – Bently Spang: Modern Warrior

In advance of our next I Am Interchange event: Is Water a Human Right? August 29, at The Filling Station in Bozeman; Tate Chamberlin sat down with Bently Spang, A Northern Cheyenne Artist, to preview the discussion on Water.

In …

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