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Free Show – Danielle Egnew :: FRIDAY 6/27

Time to get dapper kids, and head over to the Emerson Cultural Center Friday evening for cocktail hour before the Remix Runway Show. In addition to The Jazz Reps, singer, songwriter, and psychic, Danielle Egnew is bringing talent, character, and …

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Remix Runway Show :: FRIDAY 6/27

Interchange is stepping it up for its second year bringing a mind-trip of a variety show to the Emerson ballroom for one night only, Friday June 27th. Dubbed the Remix Runway Show, the title certainly fits: take everything you know …

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Interchange Afterparty With Ana Sia, Ampathy and Anivox At The Zebra Cocktail Lounge June 29th.

After the sights and sounds of a raucous and sweaty dance garden nestled in the heaving womb of Lindley Park, the party will be well at home just down the block at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge. Tickets are available in …

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Debbie Schenk, Montana Mom Speaks For Interchange

Debbie Schenk, a fourth generation Montana mom to two sons, business owner and education coordinator for Bozeman’s 2013 Interchange festival takes the social health of her family, community and state seriously. An active volunteer, advocate and LGBT ally, Debbie has …

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Bishop Gene Robinson Montana

First Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson Visits Montana

This man, the first openly gay ordained bishop in the history of Christendom has become something more than himself — and he realizes it. And he realizes it with such humility, cheer and even delight that it can’t help but be infectious. Unashamedly, and perhaps even provocatively, he gets to wear the mantle of a religious leader as an openly gay man. more info >

The Boy Scouts of America Have Approved a Plan to Accept Openly Gay Boys

Another step in the right direction for equal rights... The Boy Scouts of America’s National Council has voted to ease a long-standing ban and allow openly gay boys to be accepted as Scouts. more info >

To Their Kids They Are Mommy and Momma, But They Feel Invincible to Much of the World

With so many ways to become a family, why is it that a gay couple with children of their own doesn't even come into people's minds as an option? It's enough to make a family feel invincible without anyone intending for it to be that way. more info >

Interchange Indiegogo Campaign

When I was 15, I attempted suicide- a symptom, a statistic- of a social injustice. But I survived oppression with the hope of love. As we stand together and fight for equal rights, we look to one another for …

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Working Together to Combat Human Trafficking (

Recently, the White House hosted the first-ever White House Forum to Combat Human Trafficking. The event brought together leaders from government, the private sector, advocates and survivors, faith leaders, law enforcement, and academia to talk about what we can do, …

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In Gay Marriage Cases, Supreme Court Should Hear The Sound Of A Dam Cracking (Huffington Post)

We are watching a social revolution hit the Supreme Court. The only question is whether the justices slow it down a bit or accelerate it when they render their decisions.…

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