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Episode 30: Jack Horner – Paleontologist

Published April 3, 2019 | Posted in Podcast, Podcast Morning Show

Tate Chamberlin with I Am Interchange here and this morning I’m talking to Jack Horner, AKA the fossil hunter whose legendary findings inspired Jurassic Park and set my – and the world’s – imagination about dinosaurs on fire. Jack has also worked on all the Jurassic Park films to make sure the depictions of dinosaurs and the science discussed are as accurate as possible.

Jack is a globally renowned paleontologist and professor that we’re fortunate to have as a neighbor in Interchange’s home community of Bozeman, Montana. And on the topic of population control, he has a clear perspective: if we don’t want to go extinct, it’s an issue we need to think about and address right away.

As Jack examines, we don’t yet know what the carrying capacity of the earth is because we’ve extended our ability to live on this planet with agricultural technology and other inventions. But, he believes we’re getting close – and population control is our only option to continue living here without a radical transformation of the lifestyle we know and love. The science he’s studied and taken to a new level has shown that humans have been living on the planet for 3 million years…but lack the stewardship directive to ensure our existence continues. In the course of our conversation, Jack acknowledges we have the capability of causing our own extinction – but the question is: will we turn it around before the breaking point?

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