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Episode 31: Danielle Egnew – Psychic

Published April 4, 2019 | Posted in Podcast, Podcast Morning Show

Tate Chamberlin here to kick off this episode of the I Am Interchange morning show, focused on the issue of population control. My guest this morning is Danielle Egnew, a psychic medium and author who’s currently in the midst of a tour channeling and translating angelic messages for people in cities across the country. And, as I came to learn, she’s also very tapped into what she describes as ‘heavy air traffic’ for unidentified flying objects over Yellowstone National Park – just a couple hours from our Interchange recording studio.

Danielle is a fourth generation Montanan, born and mostly raised in Billings before pursuing a career in entertainment and music. Her early career included being signed with a small grunge label in Seattle and landing acting gigs before her desire to channel her connection to the beyond drew her back to Montana. Since then her psychic abilities have been called on by police looking for information on cases, and by people looking to have contact with lost loved ones.

Although Danielle believes we are beyond the carrying capacity of the earth, she believes a mindful approach to how and why we have children – and eliminating our consumerist behavior – is the only way to avoid disaster. As a psychic, every timeline she sees in the future includes a dire lack of water – with evidence like the contamination disaster in Flint, Michigan serving as one of hundreds or thousands of warning signs available to us now.

Ultimately Danielle believes nature always win, and will balance itself out – even if that means a drastic reduction in the human population. It’s up to us to decide how our actions influence that balance; and how we ‘surf the avalanche’ of catastrophes we’ve already set off.

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