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Episode 32: Should We Control Our Population Growth?

Published June 12, 2019 | Posted in Event, Podcast

In a world where we argue about the power of an ‘environmental footprint’, why aren’t we concerned about the increasing number of feet making them? Overpopulation and population control has been a source of debate for philosophers and scientists since the 1700s, and became a household conversation in the 1950s with the publication of the book “A Population Bomb”. But in recent decades the conversation has been sidelined by divisive religious and political views. We’re already seeing the symptoms of population out-consuming its resources. What can we expect when we add another 3.2 billion to our masses by 2050? A number merely 200 million away from the 10 billion maximum cap many scientists have determined is the maximum earth can sustainably support. In this episode, we’ll take an earnest look at our human family, what we’ve done – and what we’re capable of doing to align population growth with the health of our planet. We’ll explore our willingness and our lines in the sand; our stewardship and our salvation. And perhaps, most importantly, we’ll examine the expanse separating belief from science and contemplation from action.

As with all Exchange discussions, we focused on bringing balanced and informed perspectives to the table. We hope you’ll learn something new, or have an opportunity to listen deeper into this challenging and sensitive topic.

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