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Episode 36: Paul Nachman

Published November 8, 2019 | Posted in Podcast, Podcast Morning Show

Paul Nachman is featured in this episode, examining the duality of Compassion Vs. Practicality. Paul grew up in the 50s and 60s in Chicago, attending public schools in the heart of the city. As a young man, he was a voracious reader and taught himself the foundations of astronomy and scientific study that would help inform his career as a Physicist. He’s currently an Associate Research Professor of Physics at Montana State University here in Bozeman.

As an adult, he became active in the anti-illegal-immigration political movement while living in California. He believes unchecked immigration is an invitation for chaos, with cultural and language differences creating a divide between citizens. In particular, he sees the lack of assimilation of ethnic groups into American culture, causing conflict and a lack of community – or as he describes it as “a bunch of warring tribes” within our nations.

For Paul, collective or systemic compassion is a set up for failure – causing us to overextend our resources and create policies that make us feel good instead of bringing order to society. During this episode, we’ll dive into his beliefs that a certain degree of separation and a considerable measure of practicality makes us stronger as a nation.

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