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Episode 37: Compassion vs. Practicality – Examining the Polarities of Social Stewardship

Published November 20, 2019 | Posted in Event, Podcast

Over the past decade, our nation’s political landscape has become progressively polarized, with each side finding increasing comfort in standing its ground rather than finding a common one. In addition, greater pressure on natural and financial resources in light of political strife, violence, and the climate crisis is accelerating global refugees.

In this episode, we’ll take an honest look at how the divide between the head and the heart influences perspective on major social issues and policy development. We’ll explore compassionate versus practical approaches to two key issues of national debate: healthcare and immigration. And, perhaps most importantly, we’ll talk honestly about where the lines get blurry, how that gray area provides an opportunity to have conversations about divisive issues based on mutual respect and understanding.

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