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Episode 40: Marketing Machine

Published March 4, 2020 | Posted in Event, Podcast

Technology is directing and defining current strategic marketing trends. From LinkedIn connections to enormous MailChimp distributions, drip marketing to Google Ads, Instagram to Facebook, companies are increasingly employing technology to determine, isolate and engage customers in targeted multi-channel campaigns. And consumers, in turn, are inundated with a tech noise jam session every time they open an inbox or launch an app. But what informs this massive marketing machine? Authentic and customized data analytics or unchecked algorithms? Are businesses riding a technologically defined tidal wave to unfettered success or just falling for marketing’s sexiest new toy?

In this special Innovate Montana episode, Marketing Machine: How Technology is Transforming Customer Engagement, I’m Tate Chamberlin, and will be discussing the action and efficacy of technology in marketing with an esteemed panel, including Padden Murphy, VP of Global Marketing at WeWork; Ryan Hansen, CEO of LumenAd; and Samantha Patterson, Marketing Director for Printing For Less (PFL).

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