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Bozeman Improverts vs. Bambi

Published September 17, 2018 | Posted in Performance, Video

Here’s a take on forest habitat, and readjusting our cultural perspectives in the face of shifting landscapes and relationships with the natural world. This riff on Bambi from Bozeman’s improve troupe, Improverts, touches on our collective decisions to move away from nature, and how that impacts our ability to understand what’s at stake when we ignore natural cycles. While lighthearted and comical in its tone, this riff exposes some of the core issues we’re facing as a species that’s decided we can live apart from the interconnected systems that have sustained us for millennia.

As the improve evolves, a sense of the melancholy and confusion we feel when separated from our natural heritage evolves. And, it begs the question: can we as a species return to the natural processes we’ve attempted to control and contain?

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