Inside Interchange

Inside Interchange

Interchange is a humanities project and talk show style event that brings contrasting and sometimes polarizing ideas into the same room to stir the pot. Though a good mind flush of new ideas and creativity can offer wisdom and perspective to our own process and development. By doing so, we create a level platform for history, politics, religion, philosophy, criticism, ethics, self-consciousness, reason, creativity, human values and aspirations. The public is also invited to participate and give their ideas during the event. We’ll develop our dialogue into a pod-cast that will be available worldwide. Throughout the event, we’ll fuse great social events to help digest the topics and process them.

The Glue/Board of Directors


Tate Chamberlin – Director/Founder

Tate Chamberlin is pushing the envelope in social, educational and musical events by continually reintegrating an arsenal of new concepts and human connections. Through an experiential remix uniting music and expression, each step and swell brings a new experience by cultivating empathy. This arsenal will serve well as he descends upon the world like a platinum-fisted pterodactyl, dropping artistic carpet-bombs carrying the seed of expression and social conglomeration. Crushing underfoot the banality of average events, flying high the mighty banner of unconventional creativity and blasting his mighty war horns across the battlefields of entertainment.


Debbie Schenk – Educational Coordinator

A fourth generation Montanan, 30-year business owner, wife for 31 years and proud mom of two adult sons, Debbie likes to say her part at Interchange is “the mom.” Having worked on LGBTQ issues throughout Montana for the last nine years, Debbie relishes the opportunity to share her stories. Though progress has undoubtedly been made in the last year – in Montana and across the country – there is still much work to be done to ensure equality, fairness and dignity for everyone.

Debbie is committed to working with schools, community organizations and churches to initiate those difficult conversations and address the LGBTQ issues that are still very prevalent, particularly in rural areas where young people are isolated, vulnerable and unaware of available resources and how to access help, if needed. These conversations can save lives.

She is also interested in anti-bullying and intersectionality work, as well as breaking down the barriers that instigate fear about people that are different, in any way. The more we know, the better we do.

When not out changing the world, Debbie enjoys her dogs and kittens, walking, shopping and margaritas.

Greg Smith

Greg Smith – Outreach Coordinator

D Gregory Smith is a gay, HIV+ native Montanan; a Rome-educated former priest now making a living as a licensed mental health counselor and Executive Director of AIDS Outreach- a Bozeman based HIV testing, service and support organization, and is a member of the board of directors of Pride Foundation. He is also a teacher, health educator, firm and gentle activist, poet, theologian, advocate, spiritual adventurer, future husband, interviewer, geek, opinionated and witty optimist who loves to write- and he does (when he can find time) here and at He is also a contributor to several other blogs and sites, including the newsmagazine LGBTQ Nation.

Jessica Byerly

Freelance writer and editor extraordinaire, Jessica Bayramian Byerly is a Bozeman native, mother of two crazy little boys and unapologetic social misfit. After graduating from MSU with a degree in English Literature in 2001, Byerly married her high school sweetheart, Jared Byerly, and spent a year with the AmeriCorps organizing grassroots community service projects. She then found an unfortunate calling as the most overqualified, snarky secretary this side of the Mississippi. After stints in the designer fashion, technical writing, and mental health industries, Byerly quit the professional world to care for her sons and learn how to live again.

Jessica can now be found baking with her boys, engaging passion projects like Interchange, taking time to smell the flowers and working just enough to live life to the fullest.


Kiah Abbey

Kiah Abbey is the Eastern Montana Program Director at Forward Montana, a grassroots non profit working to get young people involved in politics. She’s passionate about ensuring that the diversity of our communities’ values, politics and identities are reflected in our collective democracy. She also loves her cat, her bike and her brothers.


Chris Gentry

Chad Yurashak


Yarrow Kraner

Yarrow is the Founder of HATCH. HATCH is a global network of thought leaders whose collaborations result in innovations across a broad spectrum of industries, addressing global issues in an effort to HATCH a better world. Yarrow is also an Aspen Institute Fellow, and founder of one of the pioneer social networking platforms before Facebook.


Jacob Desch – Web Manager/Online Integration

Jacob owns numerous computer-type devices and when they are not satisfying his desire to “tinker with” (break) them, he uses them to help clients create rich, interactive experiences that look great, work great and get great results. The recipient of numerous regional and national awards as both a designer and developer, he toes the line between creative-type and tech nerd on a daily basis. He knows his way around a Pantone swatch book and has dreamt in HTML.

In his personal life, Jacob’s main philosophy is to not take himself too seriously. He frequently quotes obscure movie and TV references and skipped down the aisle with his bride to the theme from “Up”. He is fond of snowboarding, live music, stand-up comedy, golf and cooking. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two minions of destruction children.


Advisory Board:

Ellie Staley: Downtown Bozeman Association
Paula Beswick: Bozeman Public Library Foundation
Jamee Greer: Montana Human Rights Network
Bobbie Zenker: Disability Rights Montana
Caitlin Copple: Pride Foundation / City of Missoula
Michelle Wolfe: TownSquare Media
Liz Welch: ACLU / City of Billings
Betsy Danforth: Montana State University