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Interchange Drag Show June 28th With Electra Sexton Missy O’malley and Jespy

The Interchange Drag Show featuring the charming and crackling energy of Electra Sexton and her Summer Meltdown 2013 is set to take stage this Friday, June 28th at the MSU Student Union Ballrooms. MCing the night’s fabulosity will be the one and only DJ Missy O’malley serving our queens with the wittiest of banter and most stylish of intros, all backed by your favorite boy toy and ours: Jespy (mastermind of the beats below and one of Bozeman’s original production monsters). Things get kicking at 8 PM, but be sure and snag your seats early to ensure your worship is thorough enough to appease the queens from far and wide.

Electra sat down with Missy to describe her journey and involvement with Interchange at the Bozeman Public Library.[/youtube]

Jespy On Soundcloud.Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 11.20.17 AM





Tickets can be found at the link above and give you some sexy options:

$15.00 GA Advance.

$20.00 GA Day Of Show.

$30.00 VIP Guaranteed First Three Rows.

$350.00 VIP Table, Seats 10 and Includes 2 Bottles of Champagne, Table and Bar Service.

Put on some glitter, get in drag, bring your mom and bring your personal brand of fabulous, because for one night this June Bozeman is going to ooze all sorts of delicious style like a tall drink of fancy.



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