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Experiential Remix At Tedx Bozeman.

Interchange founder and remix entrepreneur Tate Chamberlin contributed to Tedx Bozeman with the story of the inception of Interchange and his experience with social trauma. Give it a watch and share the love before this summer gets lit by the Interchange festival of color with Paul Oakenfold, People Under the Stairs and more June 25th-29th.

A personal message from Interchange founder and Tate Chamberlin.

“I had the opportunity to talk about anything I wanted at Tedx Bozeman, one idea. One pitch that defined who I am and what is guiding my future. I’m all in and humbly ask that you spread this word far and wide. We’re all part of Interchange and this is our house. Remember, every time you share this or support our Kickstarteer, a unicorn gets it’s wings. I’m Tate Chamberlin and I’m here to recruit you.”

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Check out our Kickstarter campaign “Planet Of Misfits”: This festival has been inspired by a series of chaos and imperfect moments. We all have closets, stories & social trauma. The profiled, the homeless, veterans, rape victims, being gay, being bullied, or telling someone you may die. We’ve all got it. It’s the alternative to pushing away for fear of unacceptence. 

In 2013 we included Racism, Human Trafficking and the LGBT movement. We had presentations that included Christianity and Sexuality, Drag Shows, a leadership summit with community leaders, and our confession area. A secluded Step 1 booth allowing people to talk on camera and speak freely for the first time. We fused it with parades, Hip Hop and parties. This year we’re taking it further and adding homelessness, women’s rights and veterans by tackling the social trauma that ties them together. Including a film festival & garden party featuring gospel music, mimosas and brunch to digest the weekend.


Please check out our Kickstarter begininning on May 6th. Sign up here to join the Planet Of Misfits and stay updated through the campaign.


Big ups to the team behind this presentation:

Randy “Poppa Chachi” Leibenguth-DJ/Mancandy.

Mic-B-Music Composition, Arrangement, and Production.

Guitar by Ben Thiede

Bass by Casey George

David Dalla G-Verbal Consultant

Riley Pittenger-Editor

Dane Bahr- Editor

REVOLVR Men’s Fashion-Wardrobe


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