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Interchange Weekend Thank Yous From Chamberlin Productions, Townsquare Media And The Secret Army.

Over a month has passed since Interchange in Bozeman and what a weekend it was.  The Jazz show was jazzy…the drag show was spectacular, the parade and rally went off without a hitch, 3 inches of rain in 30 minutes put no dent in an amazing concert in Lindley park and the Kiki breakfast was just perfect.  If you have yet to realize, that is just how we roll…

Now that there has been time to catch my breath, I look back on the committed, passionate, dedicated, team that pulled this off.  So who is Interchange?  The list long but all deserve a shout out.

Thanks for those at the forefront, the ones we all know and hear about.  Tate Chamberlin, for your vision and for your expertise on the production side of things.  Greg Smith for your wisdom and outreach.  Tom Marsh for your keen eye on design (who ever thought a bunch of lines could be so incredibly cool).   Kyle Ellerbe for working hard to keep everyone happy and for getting Square to work on time.  These are the folks I worked closely with for months and I fondly refer to them as the “dream team”.

But our “dream team” reaches much further and includes many more…here’s who they are:

Ken Spencer – Our parade man and all around cheerleader.  If you need something done, call Ken.  And he had a great helper Matthew Wyant.

Jess Edelen – Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire.  This girl makes it happen & is always calm, we have no idea how she does it.  And to ALL those that were the awesome volunteers: we couldn’t do it without you, much thanks to each of you.

The Production Crew –Lincoln, Matt, Avi, Reed, Justin, Nick, Tiara, Nikki.  These are the guys & gals that are there early and stay late.  This is the hard work. Where dedication and skill meet sleep deprivation, weather and heavy lifting.

The photographers & video people: Ben Johnson, Kevin Hilton, Hayes Novich, Nate Harris, Adam Dahlen, Step One Films (Sasha and his crew…talk about a guy with vision, the confession booth project blew us away).  Thank you for your passion for change. The pictures were fabulous!

Riley and Chet our #1 Mainstage Production team; the patient and organized guys who get it done, without them, no music would play.

Corey and Jake of Ball Brothers Sound for putting personal moisture levels aside and making everything safe and sounding perfect

Joe and Logan & the street team for pounding the pavement and getting the word out with posters and online posts everywhere, nice work.

Casey Schenk, Sammy Keifer, Kyndra Ginsu, Ike & Maria for driving cars, making & holding signs & spreading the love.

Audrey who gets our FB and techie stuff done and keeps Tate in line.

Assistant #2, Thomas.  It takes two to care for Tate!

Jeff Lyden who was in charge of all the fabulous decorations.

Sara Titennsor, who keeps the money coming in and going out.  And those damn insurance certs, we are a good team lady.

The MEDIA people in Bozeman…wow, what great coverage.  Michelle Wolfe, you killed it as always, Missy O’Malley, who makes everything fun, our friend at the Magpie, Kim McKeehan, for the great interviews and articles and the Bozeman Chronicle for standing behind an event that was new and cutting edge.

These are just some of team…the people who gave of their time and energy and expertise to make Interchange a reality.  You are part of the change that we want to see thank you.

A high five to the wonderful sponsors:  TownSquare Media (the coverage for this event was amazing!), Good Vibrations, Bozeman Public Library (This place is just so great to work with.  Paula & Jeannie you went above and beyond to help us), SCS Unlimited (the car wraps were just so cool), PFLAG, QSA, The Nova Café (What is there to say about Serena and Crew except you are the best and the food was yummy as always), Pride Foundation, Step 1 Films, Highboy Company, Mellow Mood, One Condoms, Tarantino’s Pizza, Montucky Cold Snacks, Schenk Construction, Downtown Bozeman Association, TAP 365, Cottonwood Club, Chicks With Sticks, Chamberlin Showcase, The Equality Mantra, Rocky Mountain Rigging, Zocalo Coffee, KBZK, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Tattoo Alley, Jazzersise, ACLU, Rocky Mountain Fireflyz, ASP Bellydance, Vera Fare, Pho Real, BYEP, BYI, LUXE Bake Shop, Avant Floral, Bozone, Bozeman Magpie, Montana Pride Network, Revolver, PLONK-the bars looked amazing and we thank you for your loyal support of these events that make a statement.

ALL YOU SPONSORS…Your support means the world to us.  It will just get bigger and better…Your partnerships with us help to make Interchange a platform for dialogue, a model for change….a reality.  And a shout out to all of our $50. Mini Donors, who helped out and showed off those very cool Interchange stickers!!!

Electra Sexton and all the “queens” that wowed us on Friday night. Those from here and those that traveled to be here,thank you for your time and talent.  You always bring the house down.

Our speakers who talked about important issues and raised good questions.  Thanks for coming to Interchange Shelley Hayes, Eran Thompson & Kathy Baldock.

The non profits that took time to visit with people, collect signatures on important matters in our state and who do this work day in and day out, to make Montana a better place:  Montana Human Right Network, Fair is Fair Montana/ACLU, Pride Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Montana, HAVEN, QSA Bozeman, Pflag Bozeman, TAP 365, Aids Outreach &Yellowstone Aids Project.  We salute all of you for your hard work.

And last but certainly not least MUCH APPRECIATION to the great supporters & friends who bought tickets and came to the events.  This was a dream, a message and a step for social change.  You were there for the inaugural kick off event…and we thank you.  We have much more in store so STAY TUNED!!!!

I’m sure I have forgotten someone…but all who made this happen are my heroes & each piece of the puzzle will work to one day create the final picture.

It takes a village, you are Interchange.

See you in 2014!!!

Debbie Schenk

Education Coordinator


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