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Population Growth – Performance: Bozeman Improverts

Published March 2, 2019 | Posted in Performance, Video

Up next, Bozeman’s own improv troupe, The Improverts, give us a bit of comical relief on the heavy topic of population control by exploring how rapid growth is impacting us right here in our hometown.

For the last several years, Bozeman has consistently ranked as one of the country’s fastest growing small cities – and we’re feeling it. High-rise apartment buildings are replacing town landmarks, the cost of housing has nearly doubled in less than 20 years, and traffic now clogs once empty roads during peak commuting hours.

Not surprisingly, the locals are angry and tensions are mounting as competition for resources increases. The desire to label ‘newcomers’ and call them out as the problem is on the rise. While the Improverts are performing satire, the issue of what happens when populations grow beyond an area’s ability to support them are very real.

The Bozeman Improverts

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