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Shortbus – Erotic Comedy :: THURS 6/26

Grab your girlfriends, boyfriends, and any attractive strangers and drag them all to the sexually arousing film, Shortbus, written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, who created the cult classic, Hedwig and The Angry Inch. But leave mom at home for this late-night screening that one critic deemed, “too interesting to leave to porn.” Named for an exclusive club in New York City, Shortbus follows couples that are looking for excitement and exploration in their sex lives. Considered to be graphic, even pornographic, Mitchell explains that the sex in the film is “de-eroticized” to “remove the cloud of arousal to reveal emotions and ideas that might have been obscured by it.” Bring the friends, an open mind, and plenty of tissues – but don’t expect to cry.

– Jenny Sheets

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