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Should We Control Our Population Growth?

Published October 2, 2018 | Posted in Event

On Thursday, November 8th, at the Rialto Theatre in downtown Bozeman, I Am Interchange will proudly present a controversial new XChange dialogue exploring the polarizing topic of population growth and control. Panelists for the event include acclaimed paleontologist Jack Horner, New Life Foursquare Ministries senior pastor Jacob Schreiner, professional dancer and teacher Quentin Robinson, author and psychic Danielle Egnew and Xuying Swift, a mother and computer science student at MSU.

Do we hold dominion over the earth – its inhabitants and ecosystems – to augment, consume and disregard as we see fit? Is this a matter of evolution? Or a cry for intervention? Does humanity have a responsibility to aid itself or, as Daniel Quinn explored in his famous novel Ishmael, is charity innately selfish? Is aid merely abetting further suffering, supporting populations incapable of ever realizing sovereignty? And what of the topic of life’s inviolability in all its controversial manifestations: euthanasia, suicide, abortion and the death penalty? Professional facilitator and I Am Interchange founder Tate Chamberlin will examine these topics and more with panelists and performers throughout the evening.

Chamberlin is introducing a new Late Show meets SNL meets debate night format for this event, exploring the topic in a variety of formats, from a range of perspectives. The evening will include performance art by Quentin Robinson and DreamWalk, XChange/Debate, a satirical presentation by the Bozeman Improverts, live music from Cole and the Thornes and more.

I Am Interchange is a HUMAN-based media company, focusing on sharing the whole story through varied and diverse perspectives. Utilizing a professionally facilitated talk show event as its central media piece, I Am Interchange brings contrasting, sometimes polarizing ideas into the same room to create human connections. The stories Interchange facilitates are deeply explored and amplified through multiple mediums, including podcasts, music, performance art, and articles available worldwide. XChange events are recorded through a variety of means; related media is distributed through iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube and
This event will sell out quickly, so purchase your tickets now at Don’t miss Should We Control Population Growth on Thursday, November 8th, at the Rialto Theatre. Doors open at 6 pm.

Sponsors: Montana Governor’s Office of Economic DevelopmentCity of BozemanTen Directions, HATCH, Yellowstone Theological InstituteMontucky Cold SnacksNova CafeZocalo Coffee HouseWhistle Pig KoreanDean’s Zesty BoochBLYSS, Sola Cafe & Market, Schenk Construction, Ben JohnsonLokken Productions, Superfluous Industries, Blunderbuss.

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