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The Future of Work

Published September 4, 2019 | Posted in Event

As an increasing number of jobs are relegated to robotics, what is the future of work? Will employment become obsolete and, with its predicted scarcity, where will the majority of the population find meaning and the financial resources necessary to realize that meaning once found? In partnership with the Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium, I Am Interchange is proud to present The Future of Work Xchange event on October 16th at the Covellite Theatre in Butte, Montana.

A fitting reliquary of the history of work in Montana, Butte provides a visual example of the changing landscape of employment throughout this nation’s history. As the industrial revolution swept the country and fears that the future of employment looked bleak, work continued. Jobs changed, and workers developed new skill sets to meet evolving demands. Will this simply happen again?

While some speculate that in a few decades we will see the majority of jobs lost without the creation of replacements and fearfully point to the fall of related societal and economic infrastructures, others believe it will usher in a renaissance, a future of meaningful possibility and psychological prosperity. As post-workists like Benjamin Hunnicutt, historian at the University of Iowa, point out, “Purpose, meaning, identity, fulfillment, creativity, autonomy—all these things that positive psychology has shown us to be necessary for well-being are absent in the average job.” Opportunities like universal basic income, financed by a “robot tax,” could change the standard of living, allowing people the freedom to find a new source of purpose in a jobless world.

The Montana Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Innovate Montana Symposium, and I Am Interchange cordially invite the public to join an esteemed panel of guests in this controversial and intriguing dialogue. Doors open at 6 pm for a light social and the event slated to begin at 6:30.

Innovate Montana Symposium attendees who wish to attend must register online for their free ticket here.

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The Future of Work

As an increasing number of jobs are relegated to robotics, what is the future of work? Will employment become obsolete […]

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