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This Year at Interchange: The Remix Runway Show

Published April 6, 2016 | Posted in Interchange, Lineup | Tagged , ,

The Remix Runway Show is a contemporary style event featuring variety show entertainment. Performances include music, dance, fashion, drag, slam poetry and even a wedding. In a festival type setting, the party features local food, art and libations.

“Tate and Nicholas Conlin, agreed to let me marry them as the finale of the Remix Runway Show. With an audience of 500 we anxiously took the stage and went through with it. I had to convince one of them that this is Bozeman and he didn’t need to bring a gun for protection. There’s still work to be done.” -Tate Chamberlin

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photos by: Missy Short Photography, Depictive Photography, Andrew Martin, Hayes Novich

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