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This Year at Interchange: Xchange

Published April 18, 2016 | Posted in Interchange, Lineup, XChange

XChange is a format for storytelling—a place where people can share their stories of finding purpose. Panelists and audience members really dig in and have honest dialogues about topics such as body cameras on officers, Sex Education, LGBTQ & Religious Freedom, or how the FDIC can’t insure the marijuana industry and banking.

In 2016, Xchange will be a talk show style event where people with different ideas come together and provoke thoughtful dialogue. The public is invited to actively participate and share their ideas. With a microphone on the speakers, the moderators and the audience, We’ll develop this into a podcast that will be available at

Interchange brings contrasting and sometimes polarizing ideas into the same room and stirs the pot. We don’t necessarily need a solution when we’re finished, though a good mind flush of new ideas and creativity can offer wisdom and perspective to our own process and development.

“Interchange is a rare moment in life where agitation and tension become not just palatable, but collectively desired. It was beyond rewarding to be surrounded by passionate minds with disparate ideas in a setting that was built for vulnerability and growth.” -Kiah Abbey

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photos by: Missy Short Photography, Depictive Photography, Andrew Martin, Hayes Novich

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