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Unifying Sustainability

Published April 7, 2018 | Posted in Event

Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, a meat eater, a disciple of bacon, a horticulturist, or a cattle rancher we can all (begrudgingly) admit one thing…We can always do things better.

That’s improvement. That’s evolution.

That evolution continues through an evolved consciousness that is tired of pointing the finger and blaming others. This evolution is a collective knowledge that is diversified understandings from multiple human viewpoints.

On Monday, April 16 join Thrive on Plants in collaboration with The Office of Sustainability at the Procrastinator Theater inside the Strand Union Building for Unifying Sustainability. From 4:00 to 8:00 pm the Student Organization will transform its high concept thinking into an educational program based around the environmental issues that challenge our current food systems, and thus our way of life.

Tickets are free with free food. Doors open at 3:45 pm & donations are appreciated.

Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, an MSU Billings Professor, will kick off the event with her lecture, Eating Earth: Exposing connections between diet and environment. Keynote Speaker, MSU Alumni & former Great Falls cattle rancher Howard Lyman will then take the stage. He will tell his story from cattle rancher to cancer survivor to activist lobbying Congress on Mad Cow Disease.

The night will climax when Thrive on Plants challenges its beliefs and its audience by opening up the conversation, turning it into an empathetic discussion. Tate Chamberlin, of I Am Interchange, will facilitate a dialogue that invites Dr. Kemmerer & Howard Lyman back to the stage. They will get to voice their thoughts in a panel that features Susan Ducan, a Cattle Rancher & Senior Water Rights Holder, Eric Hepplewhite a Butcher, and Tim Garcia an Omnivore. The discussion will be tapped and broadcast as a podcast, so attendees and non-attendees can take home the talk’s central message.

While we understand that environmental and health concerns are facing our current diet & food systems, there are valid concerns based on identity loss and economic impact that are equally real and important. By understanding that the other side is equally human, we can meet in the middle. We can turn high concept into obtainable next steps.

On April 16th, join fellow Montanans discussing ways we can adopt creative approaches to the challenges that prevent us from living in a healthier community ecosystem. Leave with an empathic understanding of sustainability, and the tangible tools that bridge the gap between environmentalism and the routines of our daily lifestyle choices.

Until then…Thrive on, register for the event and find more information on Eventbrite.



  • 4:00 Dr. Lisa Kemmerer Eating Earth: Exposing connections between diet and Environment
  • 5:00 Keynote Speaker Howard Lyman
  • 6:00 Panel Discussion recorded for I Am Interchange Podcast
  • 7:30 Reception in SUB 233
  • 8:30 Closing Words

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Unifying Sustainability

Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, a meat eater, a disciple of bacon, a horticulturist, or a cattle rancher […]

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