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Where is Ashley?

Published August 27, 2019 | Posted in Social Issues, Video

I Am Interchange traveled to Browning, Montana, to explore concerns surrounding missing indigenous people, particularly women, from reservations throughout Montana and the country. We will bring awareness to missing and murdered indigenous people like Ashley Loring Heavyrunner, a 21-year-old young woman who vanished from the Blackfeet Reservation in June of 2017. With more than four out of five Native women and men affected by violence (twice the national average) and one in three the victim of rape/attempted rape, unmitigated violence toward indigenous women is a disturbing and multifaceted problem, resulting in part from complex jurisdictional and sovereignty-related designations that have left this population relatively unprotected. Through a series of interviews, video footage and photographs, Interchange will compile coverage in the form of podcasts and written material to explore and illuminate the problem and relevant, actionable solutions. Hannah’s Act is one of them.

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