I Am Interchange is exploring the controversial and the provocative by fostering curiosity, education and empathy. A humanities project and talk show style event where artists, activists & entrepreneurs with different ideas and perspectives come together to address multiple topics and provoke thoughtful dialogue. Though a good mind flush of new ideas and creativity can offer wisdom and perspective to our own process and development. By doing so, we create a level platform for history, politics, religion, philosophy, criticism, ethics, self-consciousness, reason, creativity, human values and aspirations. We’ll develop our dialogue into a podcast that will be available worldwide.

2017 Events:

January 25th-  Standing Rock

March 29th-  Coal Town

May 16th-  Human Migration & Displacement

August 29th-  Is Water A Human Right?

October 18th- Is It Cultural Exchange Or Appropriation?

February 21st- Machismo